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Interpretation Services

Our global reach enables us to arrange for on-site interpretation anywhere in the world. Just let us know what kind of interpreter you need where and when.

CANTranslate’s Interpretation Services will provide on-site and remote interpreters for your global business needs. The services are provided from small one-on-one business meetings to large-scale events, across a variety of industries. We have the most qualified linguists with industry experts who will represent you with the highest degree of professionalism. Our professional team has the expertise in creating an interpretation experience that is tailored to meet your business needs.

The interpretation services will be ideal for :

  • Small meetings and one-on-one communications
  • Remote business meetings
  • Accommodation of formal and informal conversations
  • Escort interpretation for One-on-One Interpretation (Travel)
  • Communication in Health Care Services

Consecutive Interpretation – CANTranslate offers consecutive interpretation services and it is commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings. Our consecutive interpreters maintain strict standards of professionalism with exceptional linguistic & interpersonal skills to assist the interaction of two languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation – It is used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are necessary. The interpreters are sitting in an isolated booth, listening o the speaker through a headset, and speaks the translation into a microphone, which is wireless transmitted to headsets worn by audience members.

Conference Services – Our services will ensure the success of the global meetings. The top priority will be to ensure that the meetings run smoothly with the quick accomplishment of the objectives.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation – CANTranslate provides over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services, allowing the overcoming of language barriers in quick time. The facilities are fully secured with the highest standard of professionalism.

Video Remote Interpretation – Our video remote interpretation (VRI) solutions enable voice, voice/video conference, and group collaboration sessions between client representatives, qualified language interpreters and the stakeholders.

Consecutive Interpretation done for Department of Customs Kuwait

Simultaneous Interpretation




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