1. Use visual and sketches during presentation

Every individual has a different learning style, it is difficult for teachers to present material in variety of ways. Learning styles normally include seeing, listening and writing. While students will often use combinations of all learning styles. Practical visuals such as videos, photographs and menus can be incorporated into lesson plans.


  1. Develop a slower rate of speech

Slowly and clearly pronouncing each word and phrase while speaking helps in learning easily.

Speaking slower will give students more time to process information and will help with overall comprehension as well.


  1. Use (Speak, Write, innovation, Read, Listen) SWIRL

SWIRL is a method of teaching that covers the basic elements of language learning. SWIRL method also includes a focus on intonation, or pronunciation, as a way to more effectively grasp the language. While the emphasis is on speaking and listening, trainers need to incorporate all aspects of SWIRL on a regular basis, so students receive a balanced approach to language instruction.

  1. Give both verbal and written instruction

A few students will likely be more comfortable using written English, while most others will have a greater understanding of spoken English. Presenting study material both verbally and in writing will cater to the strengths of each type of student.

  1. Get to know each student

A student may have learning difficulties due to nonacademic reasons. Parents and teachers should be aware of any vision or hearing problems a child may be having. Difficult relationships with other students or bullying are also factors that should be considered. Getting to know each student and building strong relationships will enable a teacher to more quickly pinpoint when there are problems that could affect learning.


Following each of these steps will provide trainers with the tools to more effectively reach struggling English language learners in the classroom.

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