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Editing & Copy Adaptation

In many businesses, product specialists or account managers write texts for brochures, websites, mailings, etc. But although they may know everything about the relevant subject, they may not be the creative writing specialists to produce the kind of texts you have in mind. In addition, if they write in English and this is not their native language, you cannot be entirely sure that the language they produce is entirely correct and without any traces of their own mother tongue. For cases like this and more, we offer our editing services.

  • Correction and revision of existing texts
  • Full redaction or creative editing of existing texts
  • Copywriting

Transcreation & Copy Adaptation

The modern translation process aims to provide very last textual content that matches the source language as intently as viable without changing the meaning. When advertising replica or special advertising language is blanketed, the requirement shifts preserving up the ideas and effect of the source message, paying little recognize to what changes to the content are required.

CanTranslate’s transcreation and copy adaptation services are the perfect solution for multicultural marketing efforts and multilingual websites.

Summary Translation

Summary translations are beneficial in instances of very brief turnaround times. For a summary translation, a licensed linguist reads thru the file, identifying the most critical parts of the textual content.

Summary translations are a useful way to get to the core of newspaper articles, press releases, and other published materials. Essential information can be transmitted to the relevant parties quickly and easily, in their own languages.

Multicultural Marketing

If you want to market your products and promote your brand consistently and successfully in multiple languages and cultures, CanTranslate offers you just what you need. Regardless of whether you’re a business hoping to adjust and focus on your brand, advertising, and marketing for new markets, progressing in the direction of these objectives for a customer’s behalf, CanTranslate’s multicultural marketing solutions help guarantee most extreme effect for your endeavors.

You will have a committed CanTranslate venture supervisor to guarantee smooth, proficient correspondence and an ideal attack of our answers for your necessities. Your venture director is your purpose of contact with our multicultural promoting inventive group, comprising of specialists who comprehend the effect of the particular dialect, pictures, hues, and other innovative components in overall markets and also particular societies. Fashioners from various nations and societies can create or adjust the innovative material to address your issues. Working either with your inventive group or as your innovative group, they give the particular mastery you require.

So whether your attention is on overall markets, or on a particular sub-culture in your own nation, CanTranslate has the fundamental social aptitude. Our multicultural advertising group will band together with you to augment the adequacy of your showcasing effort. Our master copywriting and showcasing language specialists can adjust prior inventive material, or create multicultural advertising ideas from the beginning. Our advanced devices help streamline forms, making efficiencies over your whole crusade life cycle.

Utilize our services particularly for copy localization or transcreation, or partner with us for the entire inventive chain from idea to acknowledgment.

Multimedia Services

As a modern company, you do not deal exclusively with written text – and neither do we. We offer a multitude of services to cover all of your multimedia needs. As well as translating spoken texts in multimedia assets, we can also assist you in the full product lifecycle of the relevant material. Whether you need a voiceover, lip-synchronized audio, or subtitles, CanTranslate can be of help.

Our voice-over and subtitling departments cover all aspects of the recording and production process using professional, high-quality digital audio recording techniques. We produce for all multimedia types, including films, television commercials, and corporate training videos. Final files are available in all common media-file formats.

Language Training

CanTranslate Language Training provides language and cultural training for professionals. We offer both customized and group training sessions with open registration.


Do you often do business with foreign colleagues?

Specialist language and cultural training from CanTranslate will help you to communicate more easily and make the most of your work with colleagues and contacts.

Our customized training sessions – both for groups and individuals – are fully coordinated according to your wishes, existing language skills, and development goals. If your spoken skills are most important, then that’s where we will place the emphasis. If your aim is to perfect your grammatical knowledge, then that will be our focus. Maybe you want to learn how to give better presentations in a foreign language? We can do that as well. In short: you learn what you want, how you want, where you want and when you want – all under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers.



Many organizations choose to conduct initial and ongoing training via remote e-learning courses, and statistics show that training delivered in the employee’s native language is much more likely to be effective.

File Formats

At CanTranslate, we work with all main document formats and all forms of media (video, audio, pictures, animations, modules, and so forth).

As we comply with the SCORM collection of standards for web-based learning, the material we develop can be used within any Learning Management System and on any type of device.

Flash Java HTML XML


Our best solution involves a combination of services that associate to maximize content assimilation for your remote learners:

Common Course Types

  • Sales Training
  • Language Training
  • Health and Safety
  • Compliance
  • Technical Training
  • SAP
  • Job and Performance Soft Skills
  • Blended Learning

Interpretation Services

Our global reach enables us to arrange for on-site interpretation anywhere in the world. Just let us know what kind of interpreter you need where and when.

The 2 simple modes of interpretation are referred to as consecutive and simultaneous. In consecutive interpretation, the mode that is usually utilized in one-on-one and small group settings, the source-language speaker and the interpreter take turns talking. We offer consecutive interpretation offerings in over one hundred seventy languages. Our consecutive interpreters oversee and maintain the strict requirements of professionalism and own tremendous linguistic and interpersonal abilities to empower facilitate interactions between two (and every now and then greater) languages.

Typically utilized for gigantic gatherings or gatherings and/or situations wherein or more dialects are required, concurrent translation is a significantly more mind-boggling and strenuous approach than successive understanding.  Interpreters take a seat in an isolated income space, pay attention to the speaker thru a headset, and speak the translation right into a microphone, from in which it is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn through target audience contributors. Sometimes referred to as un-style interpretation, this provider requires skilled interpreters and specialized device, all of which may be furnished by way of the manner of CanTranslate.

Remote Interpretation

Can Translate offers telephone interpretation (OPI) in many languages, allowing you to conquer any challenge of boundary in seconds? No effort is spared to make sure the very best standards of professionalism and the most appealing and productive running environment.

  • 24/7/365 AVAILABILITY

With a propelled web-access video program, our video far off interpretation (VRI) answers enable voice, voice/video conference, as well as institution collaboration classes with consumer representatives, certified language interpreters, as well as non-English-speaking clients or stakeholders. CanTranslate’s VRI answers are absolutely tool-independent, and connections may be made definitely everywhere and on any device with an internet connection, which includes laptop and PCs, tablet devices, and smart phones.

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