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Sworn Translations Services

There are certain types of official documents like contracts, deeds, and extracts which require sworn or certified translations. The requirements vary from place to place, and the translators know exactly what to do in each scenario. The translators can get certified through their signature and corresponding stamp, so their actions are faithful and accurate. In different countries, sworn translations are only produced by translators who are registered as translators for the language combination in question and who have been sworn by a court.

A sworn translation is different from a normal translation as it is signed and sealed by a sworn translator. It is therefore regarded as having official and formal status by the authorities. Furthermore, sworn translations can only be provided in hard copies, given that they need to be signed and stamped by the translator.

Sworn translations require more time to produce than regular translations because the translation needs to be stamped and signed by the translator and affixed securely to the original so as to prevent fraud. We will provide you the best advice to translate data in the best possible way.

Does it mean they guarantee the best quality of the product? Don’t make mistake in that as there are many excellent translators who have never applied to be sworn. At CANTranslate we work only with the translators who qualify for our own system, whether they are sworn or not.


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