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Standard 3-step Process

CanTranslate offers multiple levels of translation services according to the client requirements based on the 3-step translation process. We offer translation services that are fully quality-assured. Our trained and expert professionals have in-depth expertise in major business areas to meet the needs of current markets and trends. The expert language and translation services will save you a lot of money.

The standard 3-step process will involve a translator, a proofreader, and an editor.  Our rigid quality control procedures will ensure the use of certified professionals, processes, and technologies for the project completion.


Our experienced translator will be re-writing information in a different language that is already written in one language. You will find that our expert translators are of the linguistic and cultural nuances of both their source and target languages. It means that the translations they produce will be linguistically correct and culturally acceptable too.

We understand that the quality of the translated document affects the quality of the business operations in many cases. So, we maintain the consistency of terminology and style with the reference material supplied by the clients. We also think of the aspects that include the target audience and translation aims.


In this process, the quality of the work is proofread that has already been translated for any remaining typographical, punctuation, formatting, spelling or numbering errors. No changes will be made to the content or style. It is done after typesetting and layout. It is an important step and our proofreaders will correct the mistakes in the article. Also, a proper check will be applied to examine whether the translated text shares the same meaning of the original text or not.

It is important to maintain the quality of the work  thorough proofreading after the translation and we incorporate this work in-house with the help of best proofreaders.   


In this process, the editors will refine the translated text by incorporating preferred glossary terminology and the style specifications established during the pre-flight phase of the project. The editing experts will ensure that content no longer reads like an authentic translation.

We will improve the general structure of the information and it will include different aspects such as logical order and easy-to-follow flow of information. The general style of writing is checked for ease of reading, appropriateness, and consistency.

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